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Princess Costumes For The Holidays

holiday princessWith the Holiday season in full swing many people are looking more at toys for the kids but when it comes to little girls one item that is always popular are princess costumes. Girls love to play dress up all year long and especially in the cold months when they are spending more time indoors. One of the best gifts for a little girl during the Holidays are her favorite princess costumes.

Last year I had bought my daughter a couple of different princess costumes and she was absolutely ecstatic that Santa thought to bring them for her. She even wanted to wear one ( an Ariel costume) to Christmas dinner instead of her dress. That did not go over well but we did bring it so she could wear it for the rest of the family to see after dinner.

Although my daughter and her friends like to play dress up and princesses all year long they do more of it during the winter months when they are trying to occupy themselves indoors. We have a small trunk just for her princess costumes and accessories that gets a lot of use when she is inside looking for something to do or when one of her girl friends comes over for a play date. They are constantly switching princess costumes back and forth along with various tiara’s and costume jewelry.

Even when they finish “playing princess” They usually stay in the costumes they put on until the play date is over and even then my daughter doesn’t usually change until she is getting into her pajamas. If we let her she would probably wear a princess costume to school most of the time.

Playing dress up in various costumes is a great way for girls to exercise their imaginations as well. While we are in a very digital age, dressing up and pretending to be different characters expands their minds more. Some of the best play for growing children is the kind that involves using their imagination as opposed to just plug and play type of games. Princess costumes open up whole new worlds for little girls as they imagine the different places, characters and scenarios a princess would be in.

If your looking for something different this Holiday season as a gift that almost any little girl will love You can’t go wrong with Princess costumes and accessories!

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